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Unparalleled Eyewear Accessory Brand targeted for Men

ファッションアイテムとして近年成長著しいアイウエア。 それに対してお世辞にも魅力的とは言い難いアイテムばかり溢れるアイウエアの関連グッズ。



Eyewear has been an expanding fashion item.
However, there are too many unattractive, unfashionable items in the eyewear accessory market. Most items are for the female wearer and the choice for men is very limited.

The founder of the DIFFUSER brand questioned the situation and developed a line of attractive eyewear accessories, designed for men with a discerning taste.

"DIFFUSER" is the eyewear accessories that launched in the fall 2012 a fashion Brand for Men. Masaki Hirose, has worked for domestic sales of world eyewear brand, formed a team of colleagues who were playing an active role at various major department store outlets and Tokyo Collection Brand. They design and do branding by using their extensive experience.

"DIFFUSER" is presenting a fresh concept in design with a new line of products.
The design attracts men who wish the choice of good quality materials, craftsmanship as well as the satisfaction of wearing a better product at an affordable cost.


To foreign customer

We don't have English site so far, but we can ship internationally. If you would like to order our item, please mail us directly. Pay-pal is the only means of payment.



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